Exponential annual revenue increase and earned customer trust.

How SecureCom Wireless used the Vizibill platform to secure a 15-20% revenue boost.

SecureCom Wireless, a cellular and interactive services company, has partnered with Vizibill (formerly eLabs) for 15 years. Before using the platform for their customer billing, SecureCom had no formal system in place and struggled with costly errors and inconsistencies in their billing practices. Since adopting Vizibill’s automated billing technology, the company’s customer billing has achieved:
Increase accuracy
Reduced bill run times
Reduced billing errors
With a dramatic decrease in billing errors, SecureCom has built invaluable customer trust — a pillar of their brand. Alongside these established efficiencies, SecureCom has enjoyed significant growth and revenue gains, seeing a 15-20% annual increase in revenue since working with Vizibill.
SecureCom has been able to focus on growing it’s business since working with Vizibill because of their responsiveness, initiative, and holistic billing solutions.
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